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My Role
If you manage or direct a trade association or professional society, my role is to help you find new members, keep the ones you have and expand non dues revenue out of the park! FOR SENIOR LIVING COMPANIES my role is to help you prepare for the imminent revolution in health care and life span that will make existing senior care programs obsolete.
Today’s Society
You have to be counterintuitive in the 21st Century and I will help you with your exciting journey. Existing business models are being disrupted by new platforms and stronger commitments to customer ease and satisfaction.( Uber is just the tip of a very big Iceberg!) In all cases, your customers and members will change and they will need their Association/Society to LEAD not play catch up. Senior Living professionals and enterprises will soon no longer recognize their customers, if they have any!
With extensive analytical expertise and an instinct for creating effective business strategies and spotting trends at the right time, not too early or too late I have been able to transform membership requirements into full suites of member benefit programs and help specific Senior Care companies thrive in a very competitive environment.

Exciting New Remote Health Monitoring Innovations

There are a variety of exciting and innovating upcoming technologies in remote health monitoring and transmission to medical personal. I will provide you a brief overview of each type of monitor and which company is at the forefront of creating a device in that field.

Blood glucose monitoring technology has evolved since the test strip. Now there are electrochemical
sensors being developed that employ a two or three electrode system and are convenient to use.
(Vashist, Zheng, Al-Rubeaan, Luong, & Sheu, 2011).
The Abbott company has been a pioneer in diabetes monitoring systems. They are starting to roll out a
new glucose monitoring system in select markets and should be worldwide in the near future. The
FreeStyle® Libre Pro Flash Glucose Monitoring System allows doctors to get comprehensive glucose
data they need for making better treatment …

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